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Hello! Thanks for visiting my shop. My name is Tammie Hale, and I'm a "40 something" year old hippie chick, wife, mother, and grandmother who is on a self discovery and healing journey. My professional background is in psychology and the mental health field, and I have a B.S. Degree in Psychology. On my own healing journey I became Reiki 1 certified, and have been attuned for Reiki 2.

I've been learning about energy healing, Reiki, crystal healing, jewelry making, up cycling glass bottles, and painting for many years. I love learning about and using natural God given healing crystals and gems for my own healing needs. I loved the stones I would buy for different physical and emotional healing needs, but thought it would be much better to be able to wear them instead of just sticking them in my pockets. So I decided to try making my own jewelry with the natural stones I liked and needed. This led to me making jewelry pieces to sell and share with others. I'm enjoying discovering my artistic talents that I never knew I had, and sharing them with the world.

The shop name of 'The New Hippie Shop' is because I'm just a hippie chick trying to recycle things, use natural stuff, share natural healing crystals, offer unique artsy stuff, and I want to be free to add new things to my shop when I learn them. You never know what I might decide to try my hand at and list next! I not only recycle glass jars and bottles, I also recycle boxes. So don't be surprised if your purchases come in a recycled box.

I like to use natural crystals and stones, and it will be rare that I offer pieces with beads (besides accent beads and charms) that aren't natural real crystals and stones. I make mostly one-of-a-kind pieces as I feel moved. However, if you see a sold item that you really like please feel free to message me about it. I may still be able to make something similar for you. Some pieces I find that people really like I will remake and list, but they are all unique because the natural stones are always at least slightly different. 

Some pieces I make just for the design, and the look of them. Other pieces I make with the intention of being able to help a specific purpose like helping with depression or anxiety. I always put information in the listings about what each crystal and stone are historically known to help with. Please be aware that this information is not meant to be in place of a doctors care. If you have a medical issue you should seek a doctors care. I am not a doctor, and I am only providing general documented information on the stones I'm selling. I highly suggest that if you aren't familiar with the crystals or stones that you are purchasing that you should look them up on-line and find out more information on them. I can only give you a very brief summary of what they are known to be good for, and there is way more information out there on them.

Once a piece is sold I cleanse it with Reiki (Gods healing energy) to clear out any negative energy attached to it, recharge it, and prepare it for the new owner. I also like to introduce the pieces energetically to whomever they are going to. It's something that I felt led to do when I first started Reiki cleansing my pieces before sending them out. To explain it very briefly: I Reiki cleanse each piece, attempt to connect with the energy/spirit of whomever will be receiving the piece, then if the persons spirit gives me permission I connect the two energies, and then I send Reiki energy to the person. To be clear, this is not a 'full' Reiki session. This is a brief 5-15 minute session that starts with the crystals and stones, but also includes giving/sending the person some Reiki energy as well during the process of cleansing and introducing the stones to their energy. If you are curious and want more information on my process please message me, and I will be glad to explain in more detail. If you are purchasing it as a gift feel free to let me know that persons name when you purchase it and I will do this process with them in mind.

Once you receive your piece you can cleanse it energetically as needed yourselves with sun light, moon light, water, or Reiki. If you aren't familiar with this practice of cleansing crystals please just look it up online to get more information. You'll find plenty of help with how and why to do this.

If you see something you like in my shop but you don't like the charm on it then use the ask question button and we can work together to decide on a different charm to replace it. If you would like me to make something special for you then please message me. I am willing to work with you to see what we can come up with together. This applies to all my products.

Thank you so much for your interest in my shop and products. I look forward to working with you and having you as a customer for years to come.

God Bless You,
Tammie Hale

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