Chakra Balancing Necklace, Bracelet, and Rainbow Heart Wood Box Meditation Set

Chakra Balancing Necklace, Bracelet, and Rainbow Heart Wood Box Meditation Set


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This rainbow of color set was lovingly hand made and put together to help you focus on balancing your seven chakras. However, all of these wonderful stones each have many awesome benefits like helping with depression and much more. Please see below stone descriptions for just a few examples of the benefits of each. Set comes in a beautiful heart shaped wood box that I burned and painted with the seven chakra colors. Includes one adjustable chakra balancing bracelet, one chakra balancing adjustable necklace, and seven tumbled or raw stones to represent each chakra. Can be used/worn/carried any time, or during meditation. Please be aware that colors and tones can look different depending on the device you're viewing the pictures on. You will receive the set pictured. I will cleanse it with Reiki* (see below for info.) before shipping it.

The word “chakra” is Sanskrit in origin and translates into “spinning wheel”. In eastern cultures, it is taught that there are seven main energy centers, or chakras, starting at the base of our spine and moving up to the crown of the head. Each of the seven chakras are said to correlate with certain ailments of the energy and physical bodies. When one or more of our chakras are out of balance, “spinning” too quickly, or have become sluggish, this will often manifest as an emotional or physical ailment. For example, an imbalanced heart chakra could manifest as depression or pains in the chest. Each chakra is associated with a certain color or colors as well as certain vibratory frequencies, so I select stones based on these colors and vibrations.

Bracelet & Necklace:
Hand crafted chakra balancing thin black nylon knotted natural stone adjustable necklace and bracelet. The necklace has Black Agate, Orange Line Jasper, Citrine, Green Aventurine, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, and Rainbow Fluorite in white, and has a 1 1/4 inch piece of Lapis Lazuli as a center pendant. The necklace is adjustable up to 26 inches, and the bracelet is adjustable from 6 inches to about 8 inches. The bracelet has Black Obsidian (round beads), Black Agate, Orange Line Jasper, Citrine, Green Aventurine, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, and Rainbow Fluorite in white and blue.

Crystals & Stones:
Smokey Quartz - Root Chakra. Large Smokey Quartz tumbled stone. About 1.5 inches long. About 1 inch wide. About .25 inches thick. The flatness of this piece makes it a good one for rubbing with your thumb.

Carnelian - Sacral Chakra. Medium banded Carnelian tumbled stone. Just over 1 inch long. About 1.75 inches wide. About .5 inch thick.

Yellow Fluorite - Solar Plexus Chakra. Extra large raw rough Yellow Fluorite stone. About 1.75 inches long. Just over 1.25 inches wide. Almost 1.25 at thickest part.

Rose Quartz - Heart Chakra. Large Rose Quartz tumbled stone. Almost 1.25 inch long. About 1 inch wide. About .75 inch thick.

Blue Lace Agate - Throat Chakra. Medium Blue Lace Agate tumbled stone. About .75 inches long. Just over .5 inches wide. About .75 inch thick.

Amethyst - Third Eye Chakra. Small light Amethyst Point cluster/bed. About 1.25 inches long. About 1.25 inches wide. About 1 inch thick.

Clear Quartz - Crown Chakra. Large natural Clear Quartz Point. Almost 2.5 inches long. About 1 inch wide. About 1 inch thick.

Wood Box:
This is a one of a kind lovingly hand crafted piece. I bought it as a raw wood box. I wood burned hearts around the sides of the box, and painted the top with a rainbow heart using the colors of each chakra. I stained it with "Golden Pecan" wood stain, and then varnished it. I did not add felt to the bottom inside of this box because I really liked the contrast of the light wood on the very bottom and dark wood on the sides. There is a slight gap between the lid and the bottom part of the box that I believe is from how the hinges where put on before I purchased the raw box because sanding it more level didn't fix it. However, this doesn't hurt the function or beauty of the box as you can see in the photos, but I wanted to disclose. You could use it to store your included chakra set or anything you would like. It's about 4.75 inches long, about 4.75 inches wide, and 2.75 inches tall.

Stone Information:

Black Agate – Root Chakra; Grounding and Protecting Stone. It is calming and peaceful. Brings peace to stressful situations and homes. Great for inner strength. Said to give calming peace to those in bereavement.

Black Obsidian – Root Chakra; this stone is one of immense grounding energy. Black obsidian is known to clear any low-vibrational psychic energy that has accumulated within your aura. It is a great aid in meditation as it provides not only grounding, but psychic protection as well. For those who are feeling unbalanced or disharmonious, black obsidian is an excellent partner to have.

Smokey Quartz – Root Chakra; Smokey Quartz is a highly protective crystal. Its color can range from a light gray to a deep brown and its energy protects its wearer from low-vibrational psychic energy, transforming it instead into something positive. Smokey quartz draws healing light energy down through the chakra system, from the crown down to the root chakra. It is one of the best stones to work with for those who suffer from frequent panic attacks or anxiety.

Carnelian – Root & Sacral Chakra; Carnelian is a vibrant orange-red stone with a bright energy that resonates with our sacral chakra. Historically known as a stone of motivation, endurance, leadership, and courage. This stone inspires creativity in those who work with its energy. Carnelian also carries a very specific energy that raises low vibrations of fear and anger. Interestingly, carnelian is said to assist those who find themselves speaking timidly. Carnelian reminds us to be bold, and to face our fears confidently and assuredly. Said to promote positive life choices. Known to be useful for overcoming abuse of any kind. Helps in trusting yourself and your perceptions, and overcoming negative conditioning. Great for calming anger, banishing emotional negativity, and replacing it with a love of life.

Orange Line Jasper – Sacral Chakra; Jasper is known as the "supreme nurturer". It said to sustain and support you during times of stress, and to bring tranquility and a feeling of wholeness. Used in healing, it unifies all aspects of your life. Known to align the chakras, provide protection, and ground energies in the body. It's said to absorb negative energy, balance yin and yang elements, and to cleanse and align the chakras and aura. Known to clear electromagnetic and environmental pollution (including radiation).

Citrine – Solar Plexus Chakra; Citrine is a variation of quartz that has long been referred to as the “merchant’s stone”. It is popular for its ability to help bring abundance into our lives, whether it is financial or spiritual. Citrine resonates with the golden energy of the solar plexus chakra, our power center. This crystal supports a healthy ego as well as a balance between pride and humility. Citrine's yellow-orange hues bring a unique sense of excitement to its wearer. Historically used to help relieve depression. Is said to be a premier stone of manifestation, personal will, and imagination. It's known to stimulate the chakras, clearing the mind and stirring the soul to action. It doesn't hold or accumulate negative energy, but rather transmutes, dissipates, and grounds it. This makes it extremely protective for the environment. Known to transform negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones. It is one of only two crystals that never needs to be cleared or cleansed (the other is Kyanite).

Yellow Fluorite – Solar Plexus Chakra; Fluorite is known to carry a calm, stable frequency that brings order to chaos, and scattered and discordant energies into cohesion and harmony. It's said to support spirituality and thought, focus and concentration, and balance in all aspects of one’s life. It's a crystal of unity, intellect and creativity. Said to be stimulating to the Solar Plexus Chakra, and to align the will with the mind, ensuring one can bring one’s ideas and goals into reality through action and intent. Know to increase understanding, logic and intellectual ability, while boosting one’s imagination and resourcefulness. Said to promote a positive outlook on life and to demonstrate the connective structure of love among and between all that exists. Good to clear mental fog, confusion or conflicting ideas, and to quiet worried thoughts and anxiety. Known for overcoming any form of disorganization, and to be perfect for increasing thought and concentration. Said to be an excellent study and learning tool by helping you to absorb new information, and improving memorization and retention.

Green Aventurine – Heart Chakra; Green Aventurine is historically known to comfort, harmonize, and protect the heart. Said to help attract love later in life. It's noted as the stone of prosperity or opportunity and is considered to be one of the luckiest of all crystals to work with. Those who wear it may find that situations begin to align in their favor. While green aventurine resonates with the lovely green energy of the heart chakra, it also has a deep connection with the Earth’s energy and can help its wearer gain a stronger appreciation for this planet we call home. It has a soothing energy, and is recommended for working through unresolved emotional issues. Commonly known as a “stone of personal growth.” Said to offer opportunities for learning about yourself and your place in the universe. Physically it's known as an all-around healing stone.

Rose Quartz – Heart Chakra; Rose Quartz has been notably referred to as “the love stone” since its use in energy work began. Historically used for transmuting negative energy and replacing it with love energy. Great for dealing with depression. This crystal is one of the best for helping its user understand the true essence of love energy. Rose quartz opens our heart chakra to remind us how to love ourselves, so that we can begin to love others in a healthy way. Its soft pink color tends to bring a sense of intimate serenity to those who come across it.

Blue Lace Agate – Throat & Third Eye Chakras; Blue Lace Agate is one of the most calming and soothing stones used in energy healing today. It's said to bring peace of mind. Known as one of the great nurturing and supportive stones. Said to neutralize anger, inflammation, infection, and fever. Its soft blue appearance encourages the ability to speak kindly and confidently. Blue lace agate is a perfect pair for anyone who struggles to make their voices heard, has a fear of public speaking, or struggles to express their emotions in a calm manner.

Lapis Lazuli – Throat & Third Eye Chakra; Lapis Lazuli has long been revered as a stone of royalty and enlightenment. It's one of the most sought after stones in man's history, and is a universal symbol of truth and wisdom. Said to stimulates wisdom and good judgment in the practical world. Known to quickly release stress and bring deep peace. Said to recognize psychic attack, block it, and return the energy to it's source. Historically known to help relieve depression because it harmonizes the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of ourselves. It is flecked with pyrite, which brings with it a certain ego-balancing energy. This is the stone to work with if you are seeking a deeper understanding of your inner truth and an aid in your journey of enlightenment. It's known for activating the higher mind and enhancing intellectual ability. Is said to be excellent for enhancing memory. It's also known as a stone of friendship and to bring harmony in relationships.

Amethyst – Third eye & Crown Chakra; Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals used today for spiritual healing and enlightenment. It is a variation of quartz that ranges from lavender to deep purple. These purple and lavender colors are what make this crystal resonate with the higher chakras, specifically the third eye and crown chakras. Amethyst is an amazing aid for meditation. It's know to assist in focusing our minds while we explore the depths of our spiritual selves, allowing us to get the most out of our meditations. It's well known as the "sobriety stone." Used in crystal healing to help with healing from personal losses and grief. Known for it's gentle sedative energy that promotes peacefulness, contentment, and happiness. Also known for bringing emotional stability and inner strength. It is said to balance highs and lows and to promote emotional centering. Know to dispel anger, rage, and anxiety.

Rainbow Fluorite - Heart, Throat, Third Eye, & Crown Chakra; Rainbow Fluorite blends all the properties of each color. Known as a highly protective and stabilizing stone. This makes it very useful for grounding and harmonizing spiritual energy. Said to absorb negative energies from it's environment and to be good at Auric and Chakra cleansing. Also known to shield user from psychic manipulation. Because it absorbs negative energies so well it should be cleared often in the sun, with reiki, water, or your preferred way of crystal cleansing.

Clear Quartz – Crown Chakra; Clear Quartz is known as the “Master Healer”, and as an amplifier of both energy and intention. When meditating, clear quartz can amplify the relaxed state and the intention that you set going into the meditation. Wearing this crystal has the potential to open your mind to higher spiritual guidance, if you are willing to accept it. Clear quartz can also help to clear the aura of low vibrations and strengthen it with high vibrations. It is also thought to enhance the flow of energy within its wearer and bring the body into balance. It's known to bring clarity to your communication and to amplify your thoughts and may assist you by stimulating clearer thinking.

Materials for necklace and bracelet: 6 mm Black Obsidian beads, 6 mm Amethyst beads, Black Agate chunk beads, Orange Line Jasper chunk beads, Citrine chunk beads, Green Aventurine chunk beads, Lapis Lazuli chunk beads, Amethyst chunk beads, Rainbow Fluorite chunk beads, Lapis Lazuli rectangle pendant, Black nylon cord, & Jewelry glue.

*Once a piece is sold I cleanse it with Reiki (Gods healing energy) with the persons name who purchased it in mind to clear out any negative energy attached to it, recharge it, and prepare it for the new owner. If you are purchasing it as a gift feel free to let me know that persons name when you purchase it and I will do this process with them in mind. Once you receive your piece you can cleanse it energetically as needed yourselves with sun light or water. If you aren't familiar with this practice of cleansing crystals please just look it up online to get more information. You'll find plenty of help with how and why to do this.

Disclaimer: The stone information provided is to give you a general idea of what each one is historically know to do. I suggest that you research into them yourselves for a deeper understanding. A simple google search will bring you tons of information. This is not to substitute a doctors care.

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