After publishing my first blog that shared a little about my personal healing journey, which included Reiki healing, I got some feed back that made me realize that I really needed to write my second blog about Reiki. More specifically about what Reiki is and what it isn't because I find that it really does confuse a lot of folks. 

To be honest it confused me too when my daughter first introduced it to me. So I'm going to share with you a very brief overview of some things I learned about Reiki to help clear up any misconceptions, as well as give a little understanding to those who are just curious to know more about it. I encourage you to also follow the links I provide (the underlined words are the links), and do your own research to learn even more.   

First let's look at the definition of Reiki (pronounced "ray-key"). It comes from two Japanese words 'Rei' and 'Ki'. 'Rei' translates as "spiritual," "divine," or "universal." 'Ki' translates as "Life force energy." So Reiki is simply translated as 'spiritually guided energy' or 'divine energy.'     

Seems simple enough right? Wrong. If you search for the meaning of Reiki you will see that depending on from which source you read this definition it will look a little different. The words they use will reflect their individual belief system. I think this causes some of the confusion with folks thinking it's either a non-christian practice or that it is a Christian practice. I as a Christian will use terms that I am more comfortable with like God's energy, Divine energy, Higher Power, or Spiritual energy. However, someone with a different perspective and belief system wouldn't necessarily want to put God into it, and would use words more like universal force, higher intelligence, or universal energy. So who's definition is right? Well, both are. No mater what words are being used, they are all describing the same thing, just from different points of view. For example, I as a true southerner pronounce the nut pecan by saying “pee-can” and other folks pronounce it “puh-kahn” or “pee-kahn”, but we're all actually talking about the same thing. The nut is the same no matter what we call it or how we pronounce it. It's the same with Reiki.   

Another source of confusion for people is that they assume that it is associated with a religion. Reiki is actually not associated with any religion at all. You don't have to believe anything special for it to work. Reiki is compatible with all religions or even atheism because it is a spiritual and energy healing method and not a religion. 

I actually struggled with this myself because of growing up in the bible belt, and being taught basically that anything not Christian was going to send me to hell. I read the book “Reiki and Christian Healing” by The Rev. Alice Mindrum when I was first learning Reiki. It really did help to ease my mind, and for me to understand Reiki more clearly. If you are struggling with this issue too I suggest that you read this book to help you get some clarity as well. Because Reiki comes from God and is such a spiritual thing it has actually brought me closer to God on my journey. However, just to be clear, you don't have to believe in God for Reiki to work for you. Reiki works no matter your beliefs. 

Another confusion with Reiki is because of the energy healing part. This energy is not coming from the Reiki practitioner, but rather through them. The Reiki energy flows through us to the person receiving it, and we are also blessed by the energy. As a Reiki practitioner we don't control this energy. It flows through us and goes where it is needed most. You can tell us you're having a certain issue or have a specific need for us to focus on, but that isn't necessary for it to work. I love the fact that I don't have to do anything and can't screw it up because Reiki goes and does what is needed for each individual all on it's own.   

It's important to know that Reiki isn't just a simple fix to all problems where you don't have to do anything. You have to have an active roll in your own healing. Reiki is intended to help you on your healing journey. It helps with healing of the mind, body, and spirit. You have the responsibility for your own growth and healing, and have to be actively seeking it. 

You should also be aware that sometimes things will get worse before they get better when starting Reiki. This is because some things need to come up to be dealt with so that you can find your healing. Our physical health is tied to our emotional and spiritual health as well. So it's important to work on healing your whole self.   

Reiki is such a beautiful loving energy and makes for a wonderful healing method to aid you on your  personal healing journey. You can find local and distant Reiki professionals from an online search, and just enjoy the healing benefits you receive from them. 

However, another option is to learn Reiki for yourselves. It doesn't take any special skill from you. Literally anyone can do it. You simply find a local Reiki master, and take the class to learn Reiki 1. The classes are usually pretty short (hours or days, not months or years), you're taught the basics about Reiki, and at the end of the class you receive what's called an 'Attunement' which passes the ability to share Reiki to you. Then you can give yourself and loved ones Reiki anytime you need it, and use it to cleanse and charge your crystals and stones if you use them. It's really that simple. You do not have to continue on to take the Reiki 2 and 3 classes to become a professional or master. You can simply take the level 1 class to have Reiki as one of your tools for your personal healing journey.   

I encourage you to look up information on Reiki healing and educate yourselves on it. You can find everything from the really good stuff to the people who say it doesn't work because you can't scientifically prove it. Just remember that some things are true whether they can be scientificly proven or not, or whether you believe in them or not. You can ask anyone who's ever actually seen a spirit/ghost or a UFO, and they will assure you that science just doesn't know everything. I can tell you from my personal experiences that I have seen both those things with my own eyes, and you couldn't convince me they aren't real if you tried. However, that's a different story for another day, and another one of my blogs.   

I hope I have been able to clear up some misconceptions about Reiki, and that I have sparked enough curiosity in it that you will want to educate yourselves further. Knowledge is power, and only you can do the work to get that knowledge for yourselves. Whatever your issues and needs, please take the time to research natural cures and things to help with them. There is so much information available to us in today's world with the internet that it makes it much easier to educate ourselves on whatever we want to know. Just be sure to look up both sides of things so you get the full picture.   

I wish you all blessings, and please remember to be your own champion on your healing journey.